From easy routes the way up to the summit the hiking trails are all open in Gerlos for you.

Discover on foot the five natural side valleys of Gerlos, or recharge your batteries in the fascinating wilderness of the National Park of Hohe Tauern.



2-lake tour

For demanding hikers

Do the 3 hour tour and enjoy the breathtaking environment. It is possible take a ride with a free shuttle or a private car until just below the dam crest. Starting at the „Durlaßboden water reservoir“ which leads you over forest- and meadow paths on the northside until the so called Larmerbach. You then change over to the eastern coast line until you reach the little brook at the „Schütthofalm“. Beginning from the Schütthofalm you next hike to the Finkau-brook past Finkau Alp-Inn and back again to the Schütthofalm. From there the hiking path leads past the „Bärschlagalm“ back towards the beginning of the tour, passing several alps and viewing points and finally over the dam crest to the „Seestüberl“.

The Zittauer height

For ambitious hikers

It is definitely worth it! In 5-6 hours you hike this nice route to the Zittauer hut and back. Directly located at the Wildgerloss-lake, the Zittauer hut is a good start for physically strong hikers and a good place to start further tours to huts like the Krimmler Tauernhaus etc. It all starts at the Alp-Inn Finkau. First of all you walk on a forest road through the woody valley to Trisselalm. After the forest has thinned, the trail reaches the torrential Wildgerlos-brook, a small plane at the rear bottom of the valley. The trail ends at the material ropeway. On it goes on a narrow footpath defused with safety ropes and through the moraines on a rocky steep flank. Not far from there you will see and reach the Zittauer hut located on flat, smooth ground backed by the glaciers.

Hiking trails at Gerlostal

Henriette's hint: hiking

Our super hiker Henriette has compiled some more information for you:
In summer time I can explore the area around Gerlos and locate new trails, far away from my cozy stable. And if the sun gets too hot, I drink from the cool mountain stream or lie down in the shade. That’s life, I’m telling you!

Hikes around the Gerlostal

One of Henriette's secrets

In the summer time out from my cosy stable I can explore and come across the area around Gerlos for new hikes. And if the sun gets to hot for me I’m gonna go to the cool alpine stream or I just lie in the shade. I’m gonna tell you that’s a life every cow is wishing for.