Our Yoga offer

Yoga is an important activity at the Traumhotel Alpina. Our certified Yoga instructors await you twice a day, at 8 a.m. and 4 p.m., for a Hatha Yoga session. As a holistic programme, each yoga class contains the elements asanas (poses), medition, pranayama (breathing exercises), and shavasana (relaxation). One session lasts approx. one hour and takes place at our places of power in nature (in case of bad weather, in our Yoga Shala, the yoga studio). Every week there is a theme, such as the heart centre or the root chakra, which the single units are based on.

Everyone is welcome. If you have never tried yoga before, we warmly invite you to join us and try yoga. The yoga units are free of charge for our hotel guests.

In the morning, an Ayurvedic drink is served before the yoga class. Our yogis do not eat their breakfast until after the morning session. We also advise to not eat anything in the two hours before the yoga class.

If you already practice yoga, please bring your own yoga mat. For beginners and all those who would like to try yoga or do not have their own mats, we provide mats and materials such as blocks, blankets and pillows.

We recommend that you bring comfortable clothing for your yoga holiday. It is important to wear clothing that you can move freely in (e.g. leggings, sweatpants, T-shirt, fleece jacket) and is comfortable.

Once a week, for a small fee, we also offer an introduction into nasal rinsing, Jala Neti. During the introduction, you will receive a ceramic nasal rising pot to take home with you.

One-on-one individual training

We are also happy to offer private yoga lessons (at a fee). In the individual training sessions, we pay attention to the conscious care of the body, especially in case of physical restrictions and weaknesses, and to the correct alignment in the asanas (poses). In addition, poses tailored to your individual needs can be developed.