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We are constantly expanding our network in order to gain experiences and deepen our knowledge but also to serve you. Everyone has a stake in mutually respectful and loving partnerships and it can only lead to further benefits amongst the participants.


Yoga Partner

Traumhotel & Haramara Retreat

 Described as the place “where Robinson Crusoe meets Architectural Digest”, Haramara Retreat is a magical and idyllic place created and designed to provide a natural and supportive environment for groups, couples and individuals to relax, renew and restore well-being. They are known for, and pride themselves on doing everything possible to make the group instructor’s work effective and the guest’s stay magical.
Haramara (“Mother Sea” in the native Huichol Indian language) is an exclusive, intimate and secluded seaside retreat offering superior mind-body-spirit experiences along with sensual tropical harmony to every guest. Haramara offers serenity, seclusion and security to ensure relaxing and renewing yoga and wellness retreats, as well as professional retreats, teacher trainings and workshops.

Haramara Retreat