Luxury and relaxation in Ayurveda and Yoga Hotel

Around 1.000m² is this huge and extensive Alpinwaterworld who is more then beautiful and will impress your feelings.
A pool with back current facility and a gush of water invites you for a relaxed atmosphere.
For a relaxed atmosphere there are some massage tables around.
Just listen to your inner voice and do whatever you want and let your mind wander.




After a strong swim in the morning, before you start your active and fully energized day in our beautiful nature surrounding our Ayurveda retreat in Tyrol take some time out in one of our stunning loungers. Calm your mind, let go, recharge and prepare for your day. Taking a swim in our pool is the perfect way to go into your Yoga-class.



Whirl grotto

Our Whirlpool has a wonderful temperature of about 35°C. It’s the perfect combination of the water moving around you in a wonderfully peaceful environment to forget everything around you and just be.