Your dreamy and beautiful Ayurveda- and Yoga Spa Hotel in Austria, Tyrol

The dream of inner beauty is being lived in our 4****-Superior Ayurveda- and Yogahotel daily.

We also help with some external products to not just balance the inner beauty but also assist the outer beauty a little bit. Products such as Sixtus, Thalgo, CND, “Himmel Grün Natur” and Susanne Kaufmann support your body in maintaining its natural beauty and shine. These products are unique in its composure and take all parts of nature to help you look the best…Beauty is not only skin deep…it goes far beyond.



Body and spirit in unity

Your body needs time out in order to recharge and come back to live – regardless of the life situations. Daily work, stress and other outside influences cause reactions and cost strength…our body shows the signals – give it the rest it deserves. Hots baths, ayurvedic treatments, massages with essential oils, healthy food and nutrition help to bring a maximum of relaxation and wellbeing for your body.



Purely relaxation

Let go completely – we are here to catch you. Enjoy your ayurvedic style massage outside under the clear blue skies but in complete seclusion and security. We combine relaxation with the feeling of nature around us. If you prefer, you can also enjoy our treatments in one of or stunning and calming beauty rooms. Regardless of your preferences – there’s always wellbeing, relaxation and love at the basis of it all.