Meet our sauna world at the yoga-hotel in the mountains

We offer a guided sauna experience every day from 4pm onwards. Our guests love this highlight in our spa hotel in Austria as their sauna experience is professionally guided by one of our sauna masters. Heavy sweating is known to help release and remove toxins from the body and if done in the right way it will also help you relax completely. Have a look at our different types of saunas and steam rooms.


Steam bath

Ottomans steam bath

42 – 45°C are perfect for the care of skin, hair and respiratory organs. A THERMARIUM inhalation bath combines radiant heat with steam, animates the body and increases our wellbeing due to the invigorating ingredients.



Hay- and flower bath

Hay, lavendel and camomile scents are already waiting for you in the blue ceramic tub.
Our bathtubs come with an whirl jets for smooth massaging power and subdued lightning.


Essential steam sauna

Herbal steam sauna

Help to support your health and wellbeing through selected herbs and comfy temperatures around 55°C. All it takes are between 20 and 30 minutes of indulgence to reach the maximum benefit. There is a separate little alcove for any guest who would like to take advantage of this health boosting sauna and spa event.


Finish Sauna

Finish Sauna

Our finish sauna will help you sweat profusely. Through regular infusions it is possible to reach a very high temperature and humidity within the sauna. Going to the sauna has always been known as a process of cleansing and relaxing. Read this hint from our Sauna mistress: in order to stimulate the circulation whip each other with beech tassels. Then take a dip in the cold “Kneipp” pool. You will feel as fresh as a newly born!