Traumhotel back home

Would you like to take some of our precious information back home with you? Practice some Asanas and dream of your time here with us at the Yoga- and Ayurveda retreat in the mountains?

We have compiled some of our precious brochures for your download. Take a peak! And if you would like, we can of course give them to you, when you visit us next. Happy browsing!




Experience the ecological naturalness and energy-friendly features in the Dream Hotel Alpina. We show you in this brochure, which provides the Gerlostal specifics and tells you how you can look after yourself and also the environment. This book is filled with tips, information and recipes to have also at home the Traumhotel  atmosphere.

Energyfibel – download now


365 days at the Traumhotel Alpina

365 days at the Traumhotel Alpina

Welcome to the world of the Traumhotel Alpina. We would like to take you on a journey through the
different seasons at our Yoga and Ayuveda Retreat in Austria! Discover culinary delicacies, yoga
poses, ayurveda recipes, scenery, nature and scenic spring, summer, fall and winter impressions
from a 365 days of they year point of view!!


download our 365 degree brochure now


Summer brochure

Summer Brochure

Flowers are the most beautiful transmitter of words and pictures. Nature shows us every day how much there is to give. Take a deep breath and smell the fresh grass or listen closely and imagine the cow bills chiming. And now think: These are our every day surroundings at the Yoga hotel in the Zillertal. Head on up to our idyllic village of Gerlos, but take a peak at our wonderful summer brochure before you do so. Enjoy and indulge!!!


Download our summer brochure now – download



Beauty brochure

Everyone of us loves boasting a healthy outside appearance. It is rather important to
take time for yourself in order to maintain inner and outer beauty. Let us take you into
our world of natural beauty and indulge in the various types of treatments we can
 offer to you. Do you dance a DETOX full body peeling or body wrap? Or a relaxing
facial? Whatever floats your boat, we will help you indulge!

Beauty brochure – download now