Our cow Henriette at the Traumhotel Alpina

Our Henriette knows the region Gerlos in Tyrol pretty well and because it is such a urbane cow,  she has for you a small list of one of the best activities for example cycling, hiking, mountain biking, summer walks and relaxing in our Wellness lounge. Since they are free to roam in our region itself, she explores even the region around. She is also allowed to explore the area as a free cow and by herself.

Is there anything better as to explore and force the summer with all his positive energy?


Hiking trails at Gerlostal

Henriette's hint: hiking

Our super hiker Henriette has compiled some more information for you:
In summer time I can explore the area around Gerlos and locate new trails, far away from my cozy stable. And if the sun gets too hot, I drink from the cool mountain stream or lie down in the shade. That’s life, I’m telling you!