Traumhotel Alpina GmbH

Nr. 298
6281 Gerlos
Contact number: +43 5284 5305

CEO: Reinhard und Hannes Hollaus



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Music provided by NCM Music:
Film by Valentina Strobl:




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We would like to point out that the Traumhotel Alpina logos may only be used by agreement with the management. The logos concerned are the Traumhotel Alpina logo as well as the Yoga & Ayurveda Traumhotel logo. The logos may not be passed on to third parties, nor may they be used for your own advertising purposes or to market your own content. Only written confirmation from Traumhotel Alpina GmbH is considered as consent to use the logos. The rights of use for the two Traumhotel Alpina logos as well as other contents, texts, pictures and much more expressly belong to Traumhotel Alpina GmbH and their use for references (logos, textual content, images, etc.) is only permitted with written confirmation from Traumhotel Alpina GmbH and for the agreed period.