4 Star Superior Ayurveda- and Yoga hotel in the Austrian alps

A very warm welcome at our Yoga and Ayurveda resort Traumhotel Alpina in the Tyrolean alps! The philosophy at the Austrian 4 Star Superior Ayurveda- and Yoga Traumhotel is based around your wellbeing and health in every sense of the word. Settled in beautiful nature, at an altitude of over 1300m, peaceful and quiet surroundings, wonderful, regional and healthy ayurvedic kitchen, yoga and meditation, movement, yoga and herbal garden, swimming and sauna facilities, the skiing slope right across the hotel the cross country track circling around, streams, mountains, meadows, natural lakes, long hikes and biking trails in nature, perfect for walking, meandering, reflecting, enjoying….It is the perfect place to start getting in touch with ones inner wishes and most in-depth knowledge about oneself! The ideal environment to start the journey inward. To create balance, inner peace and wellbeing. We are here to support you. Too good to sound true? Come and find out for yourself…we will keep all of our promises!
Family Hollaus and our DreamTeam at the Yoga-mountain resort are looking forward to welcoming you and wish you the most pleasant and insightful stays at the Traumhotel Alpina!


€ 200,-

Nature Experience | 2 Days

€ 525,-

Ayurvedic "Spa Getaway" | 3 days

€ 817,-

Ayurvedic Revitalizing | 5 days

€ 1326,-

Ayurveda- Yoga Detox | 7 days

€ 340,-

Yoga Time- Out | 3 days

€ 540,-

Yoga to calm down and relax | 5 days

€ 765,-

Yoga Program 7 Days | 7 days

Feel the nature!


2 days Double room “Morgenröte” €200,-/p.P & Suite “Naturblick” €240,-/p.P



15.06- 15.10.2017

3 days Double room “Morgenröte” €525,-/p.P & Suite “Naturblick” €585,-/p.P

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15.06- 15.10.2017

5 days Double room “Morgenröte” €817,-/p.P & Suite “Naturblick” €917,-/p.P

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15.06- 15.10.2017

7 days Double room”Morgenröte” €1186,-/p.P & Suite “Naturblick” €1326,-/p.P

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 15.06- 15.10.2017

 3 days Double room “Morgenröte” €340,-/p.P & Suite “Naturblick” €400,-/p.P.

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15.06- 15.10.2017

5 days Double room “Morgenröte” €540,-/p.P & Suite “Naturblick” €640,-/p.P.

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15.06- 15.10.2017

7 days Double room “Morgenröte” €765,-/p.P & Suite “Naturblick” €905,-/p.P

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Looking for recreation?

Luxury alpine yoga-retreat

Our alpine Austrian Yoga-hotel has become a paradise for nature friends and mountaineers, yoga- and health lovers, daydreamers and action seekers. Whoever you are – the fantastic locations caters for all of your wishes. Romantic hiking paths, breathtaking mountains, untouched nature, gushing mountain streams, 1001 peaks. Cows running freely, lush green meadows, happy bird chirping in the morning. Peace and silence. Yoga in nature. Anything else you would like to know?


Traumhotel meets TripAdvisor

Certification for excellence 2016

We are pleased to announce that our 4 star superior Traumhotel Alpina was awarded to a Certificate of excellence 2016.  This gain is based on the continually great reviews that we have received on TripAdvisor.

Thanks to our loyal guests who make such an award possible!



Your „Traumhotel“

Curious what to expect?

Well it’s quite simple: Just expect the best, because you deserve the best! Our hotel is located right on a plateau in the Tyrolean alps, the cows take their little naps on the road, everything is very natural and authentic. Smell the fresh air, feel the mountain breezes, say hello to nature. We live where people long for holiday and rejuvenation. The closeness and love of nature becomes quite natural here. Not only that. Find real peace and charge your batteries with our daily yoga units. Spoil your physical body by giving it freshly prepared nutritious food. And even if you just want to hang out and do nothing. Our Spa-area offers all of the amenities to do so. The rooms boast natural wood floors and fantastic views. Open your balcony door and smell nature. Visit our gym if you prefer to go for a cardiovascular workout. Or just feel. It’s seriously the best.

Organic and locally sourced meat products

Regional Specialities

Enjoyment and wellbeing are most important and definitely priority number one at the Traumhotel. This can only work with a sustainable approach and by offering the utmost care to our environment. Therefore it is imperative for us to source our food fresh, locally and in season. We only serve organic locally bread meat as well as adhering to a very strict policy in terms of regional and fresh food whenever possible. Food is precious, it’s one of our energy sources. We treat our food with love and respect and prepare all of our specialities with care! You will not only taste but also feel the difference.

Ayurveda - a powerful mind-body health system

Ayurvedahotel in Tyrol

Thousands of years before modern medicine provided scientific evidence for the mind-body connection, the sages of India developed Ayurveda, which continues to be one of the world’s most sophisticated and powerful mind-body health systems. More than a mere system of treating illness, Ayurveda is a more than 5000 year old science of life (Ayur = life, Veda = science or knowledge). It offers a body of wisdom designed to help people stay vibrant and healthy while realizing their full human potential. Become inspired, let’s find a common approach here at our Ayurveda resort to find a balance for your personal mind-body health approach.


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Body and mind balance

Yoga at the Traumhotel

The very smooth gushing of the mountain streams, the crystal clear air at our plateau and the peaceful surroundings in our beautiful and very virgin nature appeal to our body, mind and spirit. Yoga is generally used to achieve the very important balance and unify body, mind and spirit and therefor give you a better quality of life if done regularly. Here at the Traumhotel we teach the system of Hatha-Yoga which is the ideal starting point for beginners but also for more advanced Yogis. Hatha Yoga offers different tools such as physical techniques, breathing techniques, as well as very deep relaxation techniques and meditation. To achieve a healthy life balance it is of course very important to also eat healthily.

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Family Hollaus

Your hosts

Family Hollaus – a mostly Tyrolean host family – intuitively know what it means to be an authentic host. It doesn’t only entail a nice hotel with comfy beds and good food. It’s much more than that. The foundation is however given through the amazing nature surrounding us here. The magnificent peaks in the alpine region offer a unique environment for our Yoga- and Ayurveda retreat. We are so happy to welcome you here in our special little place and it is our deepest wish for you to feel home!

Discover the natural beauty around the Traumhotel!


A fantastic view as soon as you wake up

The infamous „Dream-Terrace“

It’s human nature to wish for a steaming cup of coffee or mild cup of tea in the morning and head for the outside. Our beautiful picturesque and most quiet terrace caters for just that very innate wish. Every morning here at our Yogahotel should start in the way you feel best. Whether you start with your meditation followed by the Hatha Yoga session and decide to just have a smoothie for breakfast or whether you opt for the very indulgent buffet with a more than rich continental breakfast boasting fresh fruit, cheese, freshly baked bread and bread rolls, different types of cereal, fresh croissants or an ayurvedic style breakfast – it’s all about your individual preference and wish and entirely up to you. Are you into breakfast eggs? Well, they are regionally sourced and delivered directly from our local farmers.