Ayurveda cures in Austria: Traumhotel Alpina
Ayurveda cures in Austria: Traumhotel Alpina
Ayurveda cures in Austria: Traumhotel Alpina
Ayurveda cures in Austria: Traumhotel Alpina
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Ayurveda cure

Ayurveda cures in Austria: Traumhotel Alpina

A holiday filled with yoga, nature, and Ayurveda cures in Austria requires good planning. At Traumhotel Alpina, we are happy to help you design your custom holiday experience. From health-promoting wellness treatments to individual yoga experiences and a type-appropriate diet, our team is there to advise you. Your Ayurveda cure in Tyrol will be a wonderful experience all along the line.

Ayurveda cures in Austria: Traumhotel Alpina
Ayurveda cures in Austria: Traumhotel Alpina

Ayurveda cure

Diet: fundamental component of your Ayurveda cure in Austria

Based on the results of your constitutional analysis, we tailor your Ayurveda cure at our hotel in Austria exactly to your needs. The relationship of the doshas Vata, Pitta, and Kapha is different for every person. During a professional type determination as part of our Ayurveda treatments in Austria, you will learn more about your constitution. Ayurveda assumes that 95 percent of all diseases have their origin in an imbalance of the three doshas. With Ayurvedic nutrition as part of our Ayurveda cures in Austria, you can bring them back to harmony and live life to the full. Our nutrition specialists will put together the ideal menu for you.

Our cuisine not only follows the teachings of Ayurveda, but also the principles of sustainability, regionality, and naturalness. For our Ayurveda cures in Austria, fresh organic products from Austria as well as local and traditional Indian herbs are prepared gently, with plenty of love, and according to proven Indian recipes.

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Ayurveda cures in Austria: Traumhotel Alpina
Ayurveda cures in Austria: Traumhotel Alpina
Ayurveda cures in Austria: Traumhotel Alpina

Ayurveda in Austria: cure and wellness

The treatments of our Ayurveda cures in Austria are selected according to the special requirements of your individual type. The focus of the thousands of years old health system, which has long been recognised by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as a traditional healing art, is the restoration of the life forces. The aim should be to feel alive, and this only possible when body and mind are in harmony. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you combine our Ayurveda cures in Austria with the yoga offer of our yoga hotel in Tyrol. This serves as the perfect complement to a carefully thought-out treatment plan.

Ayurveda cure

Tailor-made: Ayurveda cures in Austria

The treatments are an integral part of our Ayurveda cures in Austria. They are not only a complement to your wellness holiday for adults-only, but an alternative to conventional medical treatments for physical and psychosomatic complaints. The combination of proper nutrition, breathing exercises, yoga and relaxation techniques, oil massages, herbal and cleansing treatments forms the Ayurvedic detox cure in Austria that restores your natural balance. Combined with unforgettable experiences in the nature that surrounds your hiking hotel in Tyrol, you will experience a truly relaxing time-out at Traumhotel Alpina that will stay in your heart forever.

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Ayurveda cure

What does your Ayurveda cure in Tyrol include?

During an Ayurveda treatment, a qualified and experienced Ayurveda specialist of our Ayurveda hotel in Austria analysis your individual constitution, prakriti, and your current dosha status, vikriti, according to the principles of Ayurveda. Based on this analysis, they point out measures to prevent diseases or to rebalance the doshas and restore your health. From the point of view of Ayurveda, food is a remedy if it is selected and prepared in accordance with your own constitution and dosha status. You can book treatments directly by sending an e-mail to beauty@traumhotel.at.

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1 hour | Constitution analysis

€ 120.00
  • Constitution analysis according to the principles of Ayurvedic medicine (pulse diagnosis, visual diagnosis, questioning) or
  • Assessment of your health condition from the perspective of Ayurveda and recommendations in this regard

€ 120.00

2 hours | Constitution analysis + dosha status

€ 190.00
  • Constitution analysis
  • Consultation
  • Determination of your current dosha status
  • Recommendations for nutrition and lifestyle according to your individual constitution and dosha status
  • Recommendation of Ayurvedic herbal preparations

€ 190.00

Analysis and printed out recommendations

€ 25.00

€ 25.00

Ayurveda cures in Austria: Traumhotel Alpina


Your individual constitution analysis

Dr. Anoosha N. Shastry runs an Ayurveda institute in Munich and regularly conducts constitutional analyses with us at Traumhotel Alpina. You can book the following appointments during your summer holiday:

  • 27 and 28 July
  • 10 and 11 August
  • 31 August and 01 September
  • 05 and 06 October

Experience a summer of lightness and harmony.

Dream offers

Intensive Ayurvedic treatment  |  9 Nights

from € 2,640.00 per Person

Intensive Ayurvedic treatment

Ayurveda Yoga Detox  |  7 Nights

from € 1,715.00 per Person

Ayurveda Yoga Detox

Yoga programme  |  7 Nights

from € 1,175.00 per Person

Yoga programme

Ayurvedic wellness getaway  |  3 Nights

from € 745.00 per Person

Ayurvedic wellness getaway

Calm down with yoga  |  5 Nights

from € 855.00 per Person

Calm down with yoga

Ayurvedic revitalisation days  |  5 Nights

from € 1,125.00 per Person

Ayurvedic revitalisation days

Yoga therapy  |  7 Nights

from € 1,610.00 per Person

Yoga therapy

Shirodara short stay  |  2 Nights

from € 440.00 per Person

Shirodara short stay

Yoga break  |  3 Nights

from € 535.00 per Person

Yoga break

Midweek deal summer  |  2 Nights

from € 415.00 per Person

Midweek deal summer

Midweek winter deal  |  2 Nights

from € 495.00 per Person

Midweek winter deal

A summer night’s dream  |  1 Night

from € 140.00 per Person

A summer night’s dream