Yoga Tips

We have some useful yoga tips that are ideally suited for beginners.


Yoga Tipps

Yoga - a way of life

– Become and remain aware that the essence and sensation you get during meditation is available at all times
– Beginn by using the Sahasrara (6th sense) as an organ of perception
– Remain without thoughts jumping through your head
– Seize every opportunity to meditade with others!


Yoga Tipps

Yoga - Forgiveness

– It is imperative to forgive everyone if you life yoga truthfully. Including yourself
– Light some candles, take a relaxing foot bath and listen to meditative music
– Try to find a sense of inner peace and balance


Yoga Tipps

Yoga - meditation

– Meditate daily

– Ideally you start your day with a short morning meditation

– open up your subtle energy system during meditation to receive