Our gourmet room

Exquisite exclusivity in a luxurious Tyrolean Yoga and Ayurveda hotel

Good wine is the epitome of quiet & enjoyment, and that’s why it`s the central theme in our beautifully furnished exclusive yet cozy gourmet room. Speak to one of our wine connoiseurs and take a journey into the exclusive world of world famous wines. Presented in an outstanding way you can also savor some of our tastiest wines and you will feel in good hands when choosing the right type of wine for your meal and individual preferences.



Indulgence with highest level

Look after your body to give your spirit the home it deserves!!
Here at the Traumhotel Alpina we are truly blessed with our in-house sweets chef. The moist
cakes, tempting desserts, and beautifully served sweets will truly bring out the sweetness in you!
And they are not only served to those who love sweets anyway…they are created to indulge you
and your sweetest inner being.


Wine selection

A world selection of good wines

Dear guests and friends: we offer a huge selection of local and international wines.
No matter whether it’s red, white, rose, or sparkling wine. We have the fit for everyone’s liking.




Organic and locally sourced meat products

Regional Specialities

Enjoyment and wellbeing are most important and definitely priority number one at the Traumhotel. This can only work with a sustainable approach and by offering the utmost care to our environment. Therefore it is imperative for us to source our food fresh, locally and in season. We only serve organic locally bread meat as well as adhering to a very strict policy in terms of regional and fresh food whenever possible. Food is precious, it’s one of our energy sources. We treat our food with love and respect and prepare all of our specialities with care! You will not only taste but also feel the difference.