Traumhotel – Why we think that we are special

What is special about our Dreamhotel settled in the middle of the Tyrolean mountains? Well – just as soon as you arrive you will notice the atmosphere and the surroundings. At the Traumhotel it’s all about you and your wellbeing. It’s our heart’s desire to offer and create the most fantastic and luxurious atmosphere of relaxation and wellbeing. As one of the very few authentic Yoga- and Ayurvedic Hotels in Austria and specifically the alpine region we needed to create a combination of peace, luxury, quiet and authenticity. So we have worked very hard to achieve just that. The surroundings, our beautiful nature, the panoramic views and all of the natural beauty we have been blessed with take care of the rest. We are very much looking forward to welcoming you here in one of the most beautiful hotels in the Austrian alps.

What happens after your holiday? Well hopefully you will say the same about us as we are telling you here! We would love to hear that you felt home and that you can’t wait to visit us again. This is our biggest reward and the one we aim and live for. But check for yourself! Have a look at the beautiful pictures in our gallery and then pick up the phone to make your reservation. Our beloved DreamTeam will take care of the rest.



Yoga and recovery garden

The Traumhotel Alpina offers many new surprises. We extend our offer to a wider range! You will find here a vegetable garden, a cloister garden with ayurvedic herbs, a yoga garden with a huge wooden terrace for outdoor-yoga-events and an area with archway and a water basin. We are looking forward to welcome you in our Traumhotel Alpina hotel.


Winter Indulgence

The stuff around the Traumhotel

These are the mountains and peaks to welcome you as soon as you arrive at your Austrian Yoga-Hotel: Please do ask our reception ladies or any other of our staff on tour guides or download our APP (LINK to the APP you will find in the App-Store or on Google Play)
Kastenwendenkopf (altitude: 2.329 m)
Kreuzjoch (altitude: 2.558 m)
Lodron (altitude: 1.925 m)
Hartkaserkopf (altitude: 1.675 m)
Gamskogel (altitude: 2.206 m)


The best activities in the Zillertal brought to you right on your phone.

Download the Traumhotel Active-App

Have you heard the latest news? We have programmed a funky App for you which will indulge you with the best hiking paths, mountain-bike tours as well as quaint Tyrolean mountain restaurants and huts. It’s a good-feeling app and will bring all of that knowledge delivered directly to your smart phone. Keep us in your pocket so to speak. The different hiking tours and varying grades of difficulty are listed as well as some insider knowledge. What are you waiting for? Download it now from the App-Store or Google Play and take part in the fun!

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Body and mind balance

Yoga at the Traumhotel

The very smooth gushing of the mountain streams, the crystal clear air at our plateau and the peaceful surroundings in our beautiful and very virgin nature appeal to our body, mind and spirit. Yoga is generally used to achieve the very important balance and unify body, mind and spirit and therefor give you a better quality of life if done regularly. Here at the Traumhotel we teach the system of Hatha-Yoga which is the ideal starting point for beginners but also for more advanced Yogis. Hatha Yoga offers different tools such as physical techniques, breathing techniques, as well as very deep relaxation techniques and meditation. To achieve a healthy life balance it is of course very important to also eat healthily.

Discover our Yoga now!


Organic meat from Austria

Local specialties

Here at the Traumhotel your enjoyment takes on the highest priority. Sustainability is the main ingredient to continuously guarantee this enjoyment.
That`s the reason why we only use organic meat and poultry mainly from Tyrol.
We pay close attention to the use of local products to provide the most valuable nourishment and an enjoyably dish!


A fantastic view as soon as you wake up

The infamous „Dream-Terrace“

It’s human nature to wish for a steaming cup of coffee or mild cup of tea in the morning and head for the outside. Our beautiful picturesque and most quiet terrace caters for just that very innate wish. Every morning here at our Yogahotel should start in the way you feel best. Whether you start with your meditation followed by the Hatha Yoga session and decide to just have a smoothie for breakfast or whether you opt for the very indulgent buffet with a more than rich continental breakfast boasting fresh fruit, cheese, freshly baked bread and bread rolls, different types of cereal, fresh croissants or an ayurvedic style breakfast – it’s all about your individual preference and wish and entirely up to you. Are you into breakfast eggs? Well, they are regionally sourced and delivered directly from our local farmers.




"Top of the Zillertalarena" - Our hotel right by the skiing slope

Enjoy a fantastic skiing holiday at the Traumhotel Alpina in the Austrian Alps:
The Traumhotel Alpina offers the perfect location for you Austrian skiing holiday, located directly by the slope.

The beautiful ****s Traumhotel is located at 1300 metres of altitude thus guaranteeing perfect skiing conditions throughout the Austrian winter. Beautifully snow-covered forests and slopes are a given fact between December and April. The very lush illumination in and around our Hotel, the outstanding scent of our culinary delicacies will really convince you to stay. Especially after a long day on the slopes, you will be able to just sit back and relax in the warm and cozy atmosphere, be spoilt and maybe even finish with a small Yoga-session to stretch those limbs and settle back in at „home“.