Ayurvedic type test

 The three doshas Vata, Pitta, Kapha are different in every single human being.
In most cases you will find one dosha to be the dominating one, quite often two doshas are at a similar strength however. If the doshas are balance and Prakriti remains, a human being is seen as healthy according to ayurvedic knowledge. Give our test a try and answer spontaneously without thinking too much in order to gain your first insights into what your dosha type is.

You will find an evaluation at the end of the test:

Physique slim, light in weight, difficulties in gaining weight medium athletic build, well proportioned strong build, heave, puts on weight easily
Skin dry, rough, dark smooth, warm, rose to reddish soft, greasy, pale, white
Hair dry, brittle, thin, frizzy blond, red, becomes grey or looses hair early thick, dense, dark, shiny, greasy
Eyes small (brown, black) intense (green / grey) large (blue / brown)
Nails narrow, brittle oval, elastic wide, large
Dislike towards the following weather conditions cold, windy heat, sticky, muggy cold, wet
Mind clear and aware, creative very sharp mind, goal oriented, critical calm, patient , cautious
Sleep light and interrupted sleep short but solid sleep long and deep sleep
Memory forgets easily good memory excellent long term memory
Language talks a lot, fast talker, eloquent clear, convincing, eloquent lovely deep voice, doesn’t speak a lot
How do you handle excessive pressure fearful, becomes nervous fast, exhausted impulsive, aggressive, agitated calm, patient, doesn’t get stressed easily
Movements fast, erratic exact, precise, certain slow
Appetite regular to irregular, if distracted - no appetite large, needs food regularly can skip a meal easily
Personality flexible, playful, artistic sporty, initiative, fighter peaceful, good stamina, balanced
Quirk does not make decisions very easily outstanding awareness Creature of habit
Behaviour impressionable, fiery, fickle playful, courageous, dynamic grounded, systematic
Senses delicate tactile sensation and accustic awareness outstanding optical perception outstanding taste and smell perception