Ayurveda – a holistic system

Ayurvedic medicine is one of the world’s oldest holistic (whole-body) healing systems. It was developed thousands of years ago in India.
It is based on the belief that health and wellness depend on a delicate balance between the mind, body, and spirit. The primary focus of Ayurvedic medicine is to promote good health, rather than fight disease. But treatments may be recommended for specific health problems. According to Ayurvedic theory, everything in the universe — living or not — is connected. Good health is achieved when your mind, body, and spirit are in harmony with the universe. A disruption of this harmony can lead to poor health and sickness.
For followers of Ayurveda, anything that affects your physical, spiritual, or emotional well-being can cause you to be out of balance with the universe. Some things that can cause a disruption include:
• Genetic or birth defects
• Injuries
• Climate and seasonal changes
• Age
• Emotions
How your body works to keep you healthy and your unique physical and psychological characteristics combine to form your body’s constitution, or prakriti. Your prakriti is believed to stay the same for your entire life. However, how you digest food and eliminate waste can influence it.
Every person is made of a combination of five basic elements found in the universe:
• Space
• Air
• Fire
• Water
• Earth

These elements combine in the human body to form three life forces or energies, called doshas. They control how your body works. The three doshas are:
• Vata dosha (space and air)
• Pitta dosha (fire and water)
• Kapha dosha (water and earth)




Ayurveda - a powerful mind-body health system

Ayurvedahotel in Tyrol

Thousands of years before modern medicine provided scientific evidence for the mind-body connection, the sages of India developed Ayurveda, which continues to be one of the world’s most sophisticated and powerful mind-body health systems. More than a mere system of treating illness, Ayurveda is a more than 5000 year old science of life (Ayur = life, Veda = science or knowledge). It offers a body of wisdom designed to help people stay vibrant and healthy while realizing their full human potential. Become inspired, let’s find a common approach here at our Ayurveda resort to find a balance for your personal mind-body health approach.


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